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Business Turnaround

This isn’t always as drastic as it sounds.  Do you need a change of direction, or to increase your profits, even just understand your cash flow?  If it is serious, there are still solutions and we can support you to make the right decisions.


From substantial change management through to setting up improved financial monitoring systems, we can really help you turnaround your business.  With experience in business interim management, we can quite literally “move in” and help you get back on track for a period of time.


Business Planning

This is often really hard when it’s your business and having a fresh pair of eyes and view can really benefit your planning.  From strategic development for situations such as flotation, succession planning or growth into new markets, we have experience in all of these areas and more.  We’re qualified to speak to your bank, VAT or tax office or potential Investors and buyers.


Interim Management

We can stop your business challenge turning into a crisis.  Interim management typically means us being involved in your business for a number of weeks or months and we will leave as soon as you don’t need us.  This doesn't mean just walking away after the initial period. We can continue to provide support in whatever capacity you feel appropriate for as long as you need us.


Computerising Financial Systems

This really is a minefield when numbers and accounts aren’t what you usually do; yet you know that your business needs to get this right.  We have more than 20 years of experience with all sorts of financial systems and can help not only find the best system for you, but get it up and running too.  Interestingly, this is often the block that’s stops your business from growing


Setting up Business Systems and Processes

This is perhaps one of the hardest areas to manage as your business grows. Often this growth is practically overnight and it can be months before you have time to realise that old systems aren’t coping.  It’s also difficult to work out where to start when you are close to the business.  We can come in and objectively look at what you’re doing now and make recommendations for improvement. We can also implement any system for you (so you don’t have the headache) or work with you to make sure it’s up and running in the way that works best for your business.


Financial Systems Training

It’s not just about finding the right systems - the people that use them everyday need to be confident that they know what they’re doing. You need to be sure that the correct information is coming out.  We can work alongside existing or new staff and provide tailor-made training for most types of financial software from Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets through to Sage or other bespoke Accounts packages. 

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